About Us

Everything you need to know about IX Group.


At Cloudix CA we provide web Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Shoutcast. We have been providing webhosting services since 2011.

Over the years we have operated and or owned hosting devision's of Host Chick, DTCS, VIPO Canada, Super Core Host, DreamCloud Cloud Hosting, Scooby Networks, Cloudix CA solely and or through partnership's.

All together we have over 6 years of experience behind us and thats something to be very proud of.

Web Design

We have been writing applications & websites for over 16 years in HTML, Javascript, SQL, PHP and more.

We are always eager to learn new code and launching new applications & websites for example Android Guru Network (a secure safe website were you can get custom and stock roms and experience for all things android) & Upload Using Me (a file upload and file share website).

Computer Repair

We are now working together as IX Group Computer Repair throughout Canada & United Kingdom and we have been doing it separately since before we could code.

We repair, maintaine and build for not only residential but also business and corporate on Low-end, Entry-level, Average, High-end and Super computers ranging in used from Web Surfers to Gammers even to Bit miners and Science computing plus Servers.

"International Xcellent Group of Technicians"

Our Timeline

A complete timeline of our future, present and past ventures.

  • The Future

    IX Group will always provide computer repair services and website & application development services plus we may provide web hosting in the future.

    Sincerely the IX Group.

  • Ceasing Partnership

    It brings a great deal of sadness to say that our joint Canada & United Kingdom partnership has ended as a result all services at Canada Cloud Host have ceased operations.

    This was a mutual decision.

  • Welcome To The Cloud

    www.cloudix.ca Cloudix CA was a Affordable Canadian based cloud hosting services provider. We provide Best possible cloud hosting services on reasonable price with best Technical Support in hosting industry. Our aim was to provide the most cost effective hosting services with best Uptime and fastest server speed.

    We merged with www.scooby-networks.co.uk Scooby Networks however due to some unforseen issues it was detirmined that it would be best to seperate from Scooby Networks.

    In a unrelated situation due to our joint Canada & United Kingdom partnership ending along with a failed attemp to rebrand to www.canadacloud.host Canada Cloud Host we ceased all hosting services.

  • Fresh Start

    After a break we found a much better data center and decided to launch www.dreamclouds.me DreamClouds Cloud Hosting however in april 2017 some partners decided that we should rebrand the web host to Cloudix CA

  • Offshore Web Host

    www.supercorehost.com Super Core Host was where the United Kingdom partnership began.

    The Data Center was located in the Netherlands however we became plagued with DDOS attacks and felt that it was best to retire the webhost

  • Where We Began

    IX Group began in 2012 essentially consolidating web hosting services and developing services and private computer repair services both on-site and off-site.

    We had verious partners over the years however we've stayed strong and united as a team.

  • Our First Canada Based Web Host

    We began providing hosting services at www.vipo.ca VIPO Canada.

    VIPO Canada simply took over the clients from Host Chick and through a partnership with DT Computer Services (DTCS) provided hosting service to their clients.

    We eventually merged with Super Core Host.

  • First Web Hosting Experience

    Our first experience with hosting was through a international partnership where we started www.hostchick.co.uk Host Chick (Chicken) web hosting a free - low budget web host.

    The partnership ended and the host was rebranded into VIPO Canada.

  • Computer Repair Store Experience

    Started doing computer work as a intern at Dt Computer Services www.dtcs.ca then was hired as a consultant worked as a Computer Technician & Web Developer.

    In march 2013 the Dt Computer Services store closed its doors due to the economic crash.

Our Team

Welcome to the IX Group team of technicians together we can get anything done.

David Dumouchel

Owner & Technician & Developer

Keith Manley

Technician & Older OS Specialist

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We are always looking for new team members in all technology sectors from web to application developers even technicians.
Team Member benefits include free web hosting, free shoutcast, free virtual servers, plus were here around the clock if you ever need advice and the most importantly a name to stand behind & a group that will stand behing you.
So if you think being apart of this group would be mutually beneficial please contact us.